Festival Multiculturel Gratuit

3ème édition


Du 15 au 17 Septembre 2023


Place de l'Europe in Lausanne-flon.


En cours

COVID Information Point

To access the festival, you :

  • Have received two doses of vaccine
  • Have had a documented COVID more than six months ago and received a dose of vaccine
  • Have had a PCR-confirmed COVID less than six months ago and be cured
  • Have had COVID confirmed by antigenic test less than six months ago and received an injection four weeks to six months after infection
  • Have had aserological test that showed antibodies and received an injection four weeks to six months after infection
  • Have obtained a negative result from an antigenic rapid test or PCR test



Vous êtes artiste ou association culturelle/école et vous souhaitez participer à notre festival? Inscrivez-vous.

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Our concept

Come discover the cultural diversity of the city of Lausanne through an ecstatic festival where food and performances from around the world await you.

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Our successes

3rd in "Budget participatif Lausannois"

Thanks to the City of Lausanne and the Budget participatif Lausanne for this opportunity!

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They speak about us

« The Lauz’One festival is a new and free manifestation that aims to… » Read more ici.

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Photo:Ezio Leet / Voix d’Exils

"For this eighth and last episode of the series, direction Lausanne with the association Lauz'One which organizes an eponymous festival this weekend (September 18th and 19th). Concerts, performances... " Read more ici.

"Dare, simply. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be part of an association but I didn't dare, I didn't feel legitimate. Then I took the plunge. My advice to young people..." Read more ici.